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Many companies manage employees in a culture of fear, which drains the company of vital energy. Practice Greatness coaches managers to open instead to possibility, where self-actualized employees synergize, and companies thrive. This excellent how-to guide delivers specific, concrete actions, both mental and physical, that leaders and managers of all types can take to transform their own thinking and actions, and then the culture around them. Helpfully divided into short, accessible sections, it is ideal for busy managers with only short or sporadic ‘down times’; while it is meant to be read sequentially, leaders can dip into it at any point and find some way to improve. This book expertly synthesizes years of research from diverse academic studies, as well as the author’s own experiences as a management coach, into a cohesive action plan. Part One lays out the compelling case for Great Leadership. Companies that operate under a fear-based culture, one based on irrational mistrust and suspicion, with a focus only on ‘results’, have much lower employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity than those that start from a position of trust. Great Leadership is based on openness, and especially focuses on how results are obtained. Part Two describes in several chapters what the author calls “outer practices” of Great Leadership: holding conversations for possibility; turning toward others; changing complaints to commitments; better arguing; storytelling; masterful listening; asking great questions; and making peace with enemies. Part Three focuses on the “inner practices”: visualizing; seeing patterns; recognizing your Achilles’ Heel; seeing self-delusions; managing commitments; physical energy; and postures for possibility. The book ends with instructions on how to practice, personally, professionally and in your organization. This is great stuff; brilliant, even inspiring! The practices are applicable to people of every situation – and not only in company management, but also in parenting, dating, peer-to-peer or among friends. The book is friendly and easy to read, a fast read, but thorough and detailed without being dense or wordy. In fact, it is filled with personal anecdotes and the author’s experiences that show his empathetic holistic vision for his readers to become the people they want to become. Liberation from the prison of fear allows boundless possibility. Practice Greatness opens the door.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 192 pages
Publisher JZ Leadership Press
Publish Date 01-Apr-2014
ISBN 9780989589505 Buy this Book
Issue June 2014
Category Business & Investing


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