Please Don’t Tell Cooper He’s a Dog

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Far from an ordinary canine, Cooper dines at the dinner table and eats from a regular plate. If his kibbles aren’t saturated in steak sauce, his interest is nil. He lounges with human companions on the couch and chairs while his dog bed lies bare. He stretches his legs and arches his back in a yoga stance, mimicking one of the five siblings, and he doesn’t play fetch like most of his species, but prefers skiing in the park or observing at the ballet. He watches pups engage in juvenile, rambunctious play, not joining in their festivities. Quite simply, nothing is usual about this dog.

Cooper is a rescue animal who was once quite wild, nipping at his owners and lacking discipline of any kind. With TLC and a good amount of training, he starts to blend in with the rest of the family. However, when his status as just another member of the household and not merely a dog is challenged, he rebels and departs on a trip to Europe, journeying to Spain, France, and Italy, and finally on to the beautiful country of Switzerland. When how much he misses everyone begins to tug at his heart, he returns home to the love and care to which he’s grown accustomed. To keep the peace, further mentions of his non-human origins are kept at bay.

This is a whimsical, light-natured story about the role of a cherished pet in the life of a family. It’s about love and nurturance, rules and acceptance, all of which relate to young children and their development. With love and nurturance, they have the ability to blossom, to grow wings, and set sail. Guard rails must also be a part of their upbringing to steer them in the right direction. Acceptance of their place in the world is also fundamental. Thus, they will likely be able to relate to this jovial tale and the things that help Cooper develop into the amazing creature he becomes.

Youth who adore animals will be heartened by this narrative, and ones who have pets of their own will be especially fond of it. Being able to relate their stories of hilarity and sweetness to this one will be fun for them.

Please Don’t Tell Cooper He’s a Dog has a target audience of children ages two to eight-years-old, but those on the younger end will treasure it most. They’ll find the gentle rhyming pattern of the text and the silliness contained in it appealing. The approximate reading level of it is second to third grade.

The illustrations throughout are displayed in light shades of an array of rainbow colors. They add humor and contribute to the light-hearted feel of the text. The overall quality of the book could however be enhanced considerably if the pictures were presented in vibrant hues with sheen and texture. This small alteration as well as transforming the characters into ones with more realistic features rather than hyperbolic ones could enrich its overall aesthetic value.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 30 pages
Publisher Cooper The Dog Books
Publish Date 2020-Nov-06
ISBN 9781735697376 Buy this Book
Issue February 2021
Category Children's


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