Play Like A Girl

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In this beautiful work of photography and quotes from young girls who are athletes within her local community, Adriane Costa captures some of the most intriguing, captivating, and enlightening moments of their lives. This debut author, photographer, and mom interviewed young athletes between the ages of 6-18. She asked them why they chose the sports they did, as well as what it means to them to “play like a girl.” She wove their words of wisdom and the vivid photographs she took of them in action, doing what they love most, into a beautiful, transformational book for young children. In her text, Costa covers a wide variety of athletes—from gymnasts to soccer players to martial artists. A number of them share simple sentiments like “Running makes me feel very happy. Running like a girl means being strong and never giving up” (McKenzie, 6). Others share more in-depth comments about what captivates them and what propels them to want to do more. They also note what they believe they, as females, can accomplish in a world once dominated by their boy counterparts. “I don’t like that ‘play like a girl’ is used to say that something is done badly or isn’t good enough. This motivates me to work harder and fight smarter…I want to be one of the reasons playing like a girl is the best compliment, even for a boy” (Raina, 11). Each of the athletes portrayed in this book serve as extraordinary examples for young girls who aspire to excel in any walk of life as they exemplify the best in all of us. Their strength, determination, and courage stand out on the pages of this unique portrait of young girls who believe in themselves and their sport.

Costa took her talents, as well as her heartfelt mission of wanting to show young girls that they can accomplish just as much as anyone else in this world—if they just believe in themselves and in their capabilities—and created a masterpiece! She enclosed her work in a cover that is blended with color and vibrancy! She displayed her photographs and quotations in an artistic and meaningful way that is likely to appeal to children even as young as five and as old as thirteen. For beginning readers, this text can serve as a fun flip-through picture book that offers an array of amazing photographs and some discernible text; while, for older audiences, it can be a book of greater depth, filled with messages that both motivate and touch the hearts of those who read them. It’s diversified enough to even serve as a conversation piece on a living room coffeetable or as research material and context for a classroom project! Additionally, this artistic blend of pictures and text can be read to young girls at bedtime to inspire and encourage them! It can be read from beginning to end or completely out of sequence and still fulfill its ultimate purpose: to speak to young girls everywhere in a way that may transcend their lives! It is, without question, worthy of a five-star rating!

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 72 pages
Publisher Ingram Spark
Publish Date 2018-Jun-15
ISBN 9781732372603 Buy this Book
Issue November 2018
Category Architecture & Photography


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