Pearls of Gold

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Verna Hall Linzey’s Pearls of Gold: The Poetry of Verna Hall Linzey are pieces of wisdom overflowing from her heart and soul, a blessing to her readers. The verse-novel of poems, categorized for the reader’s ease, is a necessity to read, but the order is subjective; themes of comfort (for body and soul), hope, and praise ring strong in the author’s humble tones, with some reading as thought-provoking, contemplative, and timeless. The works of art cover memorable and monumental times throughout history in a simplistic manner while offering an explanation or reasoning for the events and how they relate to the past and present.

Linzey’s work is lyrical in verse, with universal categories for an inclusive audience. Tranquil and calming illustrations accompany each piece to allow the reader a moment, or peek, into the window of her thoughts, beliefs, and self. Linzey presents the fruits of the spirit, morally appropriate teachings, and her specialty for seeing things clearly and concisely in a world easily fogged and confused. Her conclusion includes support and well-being for worldly principal figures.

The late Mrs. Verna Hall Linzey’s beliefs and priorities are evident through her works of art (Pearls of Gold as well as other titles) and selfless acts toward and for others. Living from 1919–2016, she lived a fulfilling, productive, and model-worthy life, being at some point a wife, mother, author, gospel singer, songwriter, minister alongside her husband, television evangelist, film actress, and listed in “Who’s Who Among American Women, “Who’s Who in America,” and “Who’s Who in the World.” Her enjoyment of writing and the topics chosen is evident, passionate, and personal through her word choices and phrasing.

The intended audience for Linzey’s work is anyone and everyone based on the subject matter. The text includes wording most appropriately understood by readers capable of thinking in layers—that is, more comprehensively. Subject-wise, nothing exists as anything other than meaningful, personal, loving, and honest in every word specifically chosen. The book’s length is appropriate to be devoured in a single sitting or read individually with ample contemplation and reflection.

Linzey incorporates her beliefs, nature, and places near and dear to her heart from childhood to the present at the time of writing. Her patriotism for country, others, and higher powers is evident in the writings and by those with whom she interacted, as the reader will find the forward delivered by the late Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, a fellow activist and Christian evangelist.

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Author Verna Hall Linzey
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 119 pages
Publisher James Linzey Publishers
Publish Date 11-Apr-2024
ISBN 9781936857517 Buy this Book
Issue March 2024
Category Poetry & Short Stories