Paper Monograms: Create Beautiful Quilled Letters

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I should have known better. But quilling just looks so pretty. Quilling is that elaborate looking decorative craft that uses fancy curled paper shapes. You’ve probably seen it on Pinterest or Etsy. I hoped that maybe it wasn’t as fiddly as it looked. Alas for my hope. Quilling is ALL fiddliness. So if you’re the sort who doesn’t have shaky hands, has appropriate crafting surfaces (I worked on the floor), and wouldn’t mind something that involves gluing tiny scraps of paper together with tweezers and special glue, quilling could be for you. But I’m barely able to successfully pluck my eyebrows with tweezers, so this level of steady-handedness and precision is beyond me.

If it’s not beyond you, however, quilling is beautiful and curling and winding strips of paper is actually decently fun. The book walks you through the process and how to make the most common shapes found in quilling. It then gives you images of quilled versions of each letter of the alphabet to let you practice your new skills. It supplies the paper and quilling tool, you just need to bring the glue. If it weren’t beyond my skill set, I would absolutely keep doing it with this book’s help.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 44 pages
Publisher becker&mayer! Books
Publish Date 2019-05-07
ISBN 9780760364383 Buy this Book
Issue September 2019
Category Tweens


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