Panama Sushi Coup

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Panama Sushi Coup recounts the author’s true story of his involvement in the dark world of prostitution and corruption in Central America. Having retired, Evans is approached by friend, Angus, who convinces him to become a partner in a legal brothel and strip club in Panama City. Evans agrees, and together with Angus, and another friend, Jack, they relocate to Panama and begin their venture by purchasing a strip club owned by a corrupt businessman-senator in Parliament.

The venture is a success, thanks to the hard work of Evans and his hand-picked staff, but he soon learns he cannot depend on either Angus or Jack to help with the club, and the disappointment he experiences sting him deeply. He realizes that he has made a mistake in going into this kind of partnership, and he begins to rectify the situation by buying Angus’ share of the club. Then the club is raided by the authorities.

Evans and his associates are accused of human trafficking. Because some of the girls in the club are from Colombia, this became the rationale for the human-trafficking charge, although Evans states that he believes he had taken care of the required paperwork and licenses to allow the girls to enter Panama. Unfortunately, Evans becomes the scapegoat and his partners join forces with the corrupt authorities who want the club closed down simply because it was so successful. It was not so much the closing of the club that hurt Evans, but the toll it took on his friendship with his two partners.

The author takes the reader down the seedy path of prostitution, political corruption, and betrayal as he weaves his tale of personal redemption. The characters are alive and well defined, as is the setting in the strip club. The author paints the “girls” as he refers to them, with tender brush strokes, which is warm and genuine, but he is relentlessness in his critique — almost whinging — of his partners and his own innocence. Still, I can see a screenplay eventually coming from this book! There are sections with graphic adult content; the book is intended for the adult reader.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 341 pages
Publisher Good and Brown
Publish Date 02-Sep-2010
ISBN 9780976891574 Buy this Book
Issue February 2011
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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