Operation Barbarossa: The German Invasion of Soviet Russia

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Millions of people died in the conflict between two wickedly insane dictators. In the process agony unimaginable was endured, men reached the utmost limits of their endurance, and the world . . . barely noticed, because most of this occurred in the remote vastnesses of the Russian hegemony.

Hardbound, on heavy glossy stock, lavishly and precisely illustrated, and with a minimum of typos and similar problems, this is obviously intended to be a resource book in a permanent library. It is well worth the price. A compendium of three previous works, this effort by a former Lt. Colonel, now Historical Doctoral Candidate, is serious scholarship. Because he has German, not Russian, he has employed predominately German sources, but his objectivity is exemplary.

Covering the five or so months of the second world war that saw the initiation, staggering progress of, and final stagnation of the German invasion of Russia, reading this tome is both horrifying and elucidating. As in North Africa, Germany’s hubris included an ignoring of logistics and demographic realities.

Maps are very well laid out, corresponding with text to the benefit of those who favor historical immersion. Meticulously indexed, with a fine bibliography and advice for the neophyte historian, there is additionally a glossary for those inevitable acronyms that creep into any highly technical work.

An entrancing, if scarifying read.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 400 pages
Publisher Osprey Publishing
Publish Date 2013-Aug-20
ISBN 9781782004080
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Issue February 2014
Category History


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