Nobody Move

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Eddie Vegas has been tasked with obtaining an outstanding debt owed to his boss, Saul Benedict. The routine job turns into a murderous bedlam when Eddie shoots the debtor. He and his cohort add to the death toll when an unfortunate young lady happens on their crime scene. Eddie is now in a bind, as his boss will hold him responsible for the deceased’s debt. There is not enough alcohol in the city for Eddie, but he is destined to crawl into a vat of liquor to escape Saul, his minions, and his crime. Eddie is looking to avoid the summons of Saul when he walks into a particular bar and meets the lovely Dakota. Eddie is smitten with her, even more so when Dakota contrives a distraction to aid Eddie in giving two of Saul’s men the slip. Eddie and Dakota are soon on the run. Troubles are mounting as a new face appears in town. A cowboy with homicidal tendencies named Rufus seeks answers regarding his brother’s death. His patience is limited, his proficiency with a knife terrifying. Rufus is willing to carve a path of bodies up and down the coast in order to locate his brother’s killers. As this is going on, a local and weary detective is tracking one body after another, finding connections between the deaths but wondering where the common linkage is. As Eddie develops feelings for Dakota, her backstory begins to mesh with Eddie’s recent screw-ups much too closely for Eddie’s comfort. He promises to aid Dakota in her own quest, but knows they need to vanish sooner than later. Will Rufus get to them and exact frontier vengeance? As Eddie attempts to extricate himself and Dakota from the situation, Saul and his men strike first. Eddie is a loose-end, but he still holds some value to Saul. Saul wants to leverage Eddie’s newfound love into one last job that comes with a high reward but also a heavy price. Will Eddie be able to get out?

Nobody Move is a taut and sharp thriller that evokes the work of Elmore Leonard. The action strikes quickly and never leaves the reader high and dry. The double crosses hit fast and furious. The characters bring their fair share of interest, humor, sympathy, and even abject terror as their story progresses. Philip Elliott has written a new spin on the crime thriller genre that will keep many a reader occupied and ultimately satisfied.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 315 pages
Publisher Into the Void
Publish Date 2019-09-10
ISBN 9781775381358 Buy this Book
Issue June 2019
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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