Night Sea Journey: A Tale of the Supernatural

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Kip has nightmares that would institutionalize most. In fact, her shrink thinks she is hallucinating. Her nightmares are real though: each nightmare brings forth real creatures trying to kill her and ends with their death at her hands, with their corpses buried in the dunes and surrounding area.

Catholic priest Raymond Kera has lost his faith. God no longer speaks to him and the spark of scripture has gone dormant. Ray just wants out, but he is instead transferred to St. Gregory of Nyssa Church on a remote island in Rhode Island to oversee the construction for the following five months, with the hope that the solitude will help reconnect him with purpose and God. It just so happens to be the same island where Kip resides. When their paths collide, they quickly figure out they need each other in order to fight their demons, but a number of obstacles stand in their way.

Night Sea Journey is like reading a Dan Brown book with a wicked twist: it has real demons. Readers will be taken on a continual thrill ride as they get a look into the world of Catholic priests and their servitude, as well as this intricate mystery wrapped around Kip and her world plagued with demons. Being a man of God, Raymond provides the story the solid backbone needed to wrap chaos around.

The prologue could easily be a make-it or break-it for potential readers as it’s overloaded with uncharacteristically descriptive sentences, but Chapter One brings a calmer dialogue and storyline that was easier to read and get absorbed within.

Author Paula Cappa does a devilish job beginning the story with ample vagueness, and then quickly escalating the turn of events, allowing no time for speculating what is to come. The story itself is excellent and impossible to put down; it is a fast-paced thriller where reality is blurred and faith is tested, guaranteeing to keep you enthralled until the very last word. There is definitely re-readability with Night Sea Journey that you will want to discover for yourself.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 241
Publisher Crispin Books
Publish Date 06-Mar-2014
ISBN 9781883953621 Buy this Book
Issue October 2014
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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