Nazi Billionaires: The Dark History of Germany’s Wealthiest Dynasties

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World War II concluded seventy-five years ago, but in modern-day Germany, a reckoning with the past is occurring. Companies with long standing, many family owned, are being forced to self-reflect on their past associations and actions. The information unearthed during this process has shown collaboration with the Nazi regime that ruled Germany between 1933-45 and helped bring about the second World War. Gunther Quandt was an industrialist whose second wife (Magda) would leave him for Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propagandist. Quandt would profit from his Nazi connections, despite claiming reluctance to join the Nazi party. Ferdinand Porsche would become Hitler’s chosen automaker, would thrive with the Aryanization of businesses while jettisoning a key partner in the process. The titans of auto, weapons, foodstuff who aided the Nazis shared one philosophy above all: Greed. Their wealth was built on the blood of the oppressed.

Nazi Billionaires by David De Jong proves that the war may be long over, but the scars are still healing. The individuals and the corporations they helmed vary in temperament and industry, but their guilt is similar and damning. The investigative work performed by De Jong is exemplary and sheds new light on the collusion between big business and the Nazi hydra.

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Format Hard
Page Count 400 pages
Publisher Mariner Books
Publish Date 19-Apr-2022
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Issue June 2022
Category History