Navigating by Stars: 24 Very Short Stories of Love & Longing

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Microfiction is deceptive. It seems simple to tell a story in a few dozen words, or a few hundred. But it’s not simple. There is a true art to building a believable, immersive world in a page or two, giving the reader not just a glimpse of a greater, grander narrative, but a complete reading experience from start to finish.

The fact is… there are a lot of books of microfiction (or short short stories, or nanofiction, or whatever you want to call them) out there, and most of them are unsatisfying. They’re teases, incomplete and frustrating.

The stories collected in Navigating by Stars, in contrast, are marvelous exercises in efficiency. Every word matters, mined for maximum impact. These are epic, emotional journeys condensed into diamonds, sharp and glimmering. From people questioning their circumstances to those making climactic decisions, these tales are stolen moments of honesty, of love, of heartbreak, and of joy, and even if you wish there was more of each story, you never feel cheated or shortchanged. Each narrative is whole, rich and flavorful.

Navigating by Stars can be devoured in one sitting, or savored over many. Either way, you’ll enjoy.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 94 pages
Publisher Regent Press
Publish Date 2018-Nov-01
ISBN 9781587904417 Buy this Book
Issue January 2019
Category Poetry & Short Stories


  1. Tricia Hedman

    I loved this gem of a book too. So glad that someone else discovered it as well!

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