My View from the Summit (VFS)

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Life is not easy, and it is especially not easy for single mothers. Nicole Thomas shares her journey through a short marriage, motherhood, a search for success in her profession, her relationship with her extended family, and more. Without question, family is the center of everything for her. It is where she sees her purpose, and it is from where she draws her strength and direction. Most of all, though, she is searching for happiness for herself and for her daughter. She shares her story through a series of vignettes or journal entries. The writings are quite personal and revealing of her forward focus, positive ambition, and the importance of her faith in God in all that she does and wants. That said, it is important that prospective readers know this is all done with a very light hand. Ms. Thomas is not here to proselytize or shove her beliefs down readers’ throats. Her faith is seamlessly woven into her writings as an integral part, rather than something spotlighted or in any way intrusive.

The book is not chronological, but, rather, is broken into seven chapters, each with a different focus. For instance, one of the chapters is a series of three interviews – one each with her father, her mother, and one of her grandmothers. She asked each to review their lives and share advice to future generations. Other chapters focus on things like relationships and parenting. The writing is lively and engaging. The book, as a whole, is much more like a conversation, albeit one-sided, with a friend than it is like anything else. Thomas is clearly comfortable with sharing this very personal story and with her ability to transmit her message to her audience. This is a very pleasant read that should find a broad audience.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 116 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 20-Jan-2015
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Issue July 2015
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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