Murder on Mokulua Drive

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Semi-retired journalist Natalie Seachrist arrives at her late aunt Carrie’s Lanikai cottage near Kailua on Oahu, hoping to settle into a quiet life after the events of the past year: the murder of her twin brother’s (Nathan) granddaughter, Ariel, and the death of their aunt. Murder on Mokulua Drive (Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mystery Book 2), like her first novel in the series, begins with a vision that starts the narrative rolling.

This time, she sees a Jewish family being helped to escape from Denmark during World War II and has no idea how the vision could possibly impact her life in present-day Hawaii. Still, from past experience, she has learned that somehow the meaning will become clear sooner or later.

Natalie and her partner, Keoni Hewitt, a retired homicide detective, move into Aunt Carrie’s cottage along with Miss Una, Natalie’s ever vigilant feline sidekick, and strike up a fast friendship with the neighbors, whom they dub “The Ladies.” Leader of the pack Miriam Didion–now retired but formally an advisor to the National Center for PTSD, UNICEF, and the United Nations–and her housemates, Joanne Walther and Esmeralda “Izzy” Cruz, after talking with Nathan, decide to welcome another housemate to the mix. Nathan is a semi-retired psychologist who is on the board of Hale Malolo, a local woman’s shelter, and is developing a program to help the women find jobs that lead to successful careers. Joanne suggests that Nathan find them someone who would like to move in with them to stay on top of the day-to-day operations of the house since they all travel at times.

Soon after, Samantha Turner joins the ladies next door and everything seems to be settling down. It isn’t long before another vision visits Natalie, this time showing something much closer to home. Once more, Natalie shares her vision with Keoni and Honolulu police detective John Dias, who has witnessed first-hand just how helpful her visions can be in solving a murder. Thinking the case is solved when a body washes up on a local beach, the women try to move forward with their lives. Unfortunately, they find themselves instead in the midst of danger once more.

Burrows-Johnson certainly wants the reader to know that she knows what she is talking about; however, though it is important to give the reader an accurate picture of the legendary beauty of Hawaii, it isn’t necessary to describe every single thing they eat or drink. Sometimes the overly detailed descriptions seem to bog the story down. That said, this book is truly a good book for a rainy day and has been a pleasure to read.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 302 pages
Publisher Artemesia Publishing
Publish Date 2018-Feb-10
ISBN 9781932926606 Buy this Book
Issue May 2018
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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