Morbid Obesity: Will You Allow It To Kill You?

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Tough times lie ahead? Of course! But instead of saying, “Oh my god, how am I going to deal with all this?” Say, “I’m overcoming my problems one by one. Come on, little bastards, come into my life. I will dispose of you with my bright outlook, my faith, my sense of purpose, and my great reservoir of optimism.”

Words of wisdom, and honesty, from Dr. Eduardo Chapunoff reveal the sanguinity of his latest contribution to both the medical world and patients in Morbid Obesity: Will You Allow It To Kill You? This book is both a manual on the ever-increasingly significant reality of obesity and a candidly straightforward discussion of the factors that affect patients with this disease.

Chapunoff is a chief of cardiology in Miami, Florida, and has written on other highly charged medical conditions. With other publications paving the way, he has created a sincere and reliable guide that leads his readers through rather complicated situations in an easy-to-understand, compassionate, and, even, humorous tone. He is the kind of practitioner that any patient would pray to be assigned to. He leads the way, describing each aspect of morbid obesity and how to overcome it, from the roots of the problem to bariatric surgery (and who would benefit from it) to risks associated with morbid obesity if left untreated. With simple penned diagrams, his explanations are visually implemented, leading to a firmer understanding of the reading.

Morbid Obesity is a significant read for anyone who values their life, particularly those who feel they are at the end of their rope. This read offers much-needed resolution and education. It is filled with a sizeable amount of medical terminology, which can feel overwhelming but, rest assured, Dr. Chapunoff never leaves you alone to fend for yourself; he is right by your side the entire way, softly describing, explaining and, most importantly, giving hope.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 244 pages
Publisher Xlibris
Publish Date
ISBN 9781441560803 Buy this Book
Issue February 2011
Category Health, Fitness & Dieting


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