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In Morality published posthumously, Rabbi John Sacks laments society’s prevailing lack of concern for the welfare of others, for commitment to the common good. His theme, shows how contemporary attitudes place an emphasis on ‘I’ instead of ‘We,’ is manifested throughout the book, focusing on such topics as social media, the burgeoning epidemic of drug addiction, and, with youth in particular, distancing from face to face reality by excessive reliance on tech. devices He suggests, ‘a consumer society threatens democracy, as it us to spend money we don’t have, on products we don’t need, for a happiness that won’t last.’

The author’s research is extensive, learning from the ancient Greeks, through the Enlightenment, to present day philosophers, authors, and political figures As a dedicated intellectual, deeply religious, Sacks nevertheless recognized Bob Dylan and the Beatles among celebrities who will leave an enduring mark.

Sacks distress is apparent, but he adheres to the potential for recovery, His optimism comes in part from respect for Holocaust survivors, many of whom have lead useful, rewarding lives by looking to the future as a means of overcoming past suffering.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Basic Books
Publish Date 30-Aug-2022
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Issue December 2022
Category Philosophy