Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet

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A lot of ink, and blood, has been spilled explaining the Reformation and Martin Luther and the impact it had on Europe. Since we are at the 500th anniversary of when Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses to the door of the cathedral–to start a debate, not to start his own religion–expect a lot more ink to be spilled on this topic. In this latest biography of Luther from professor Lyndal Roper, we get one of the first biographies printed this year by a major non-academic publisher. It is a fairly straight-forward biography in its conception, and that is not a bad thing. We learn about his life growing up and dig deep into his decision to become a monk, a decision which essentially started his path to question the Pope and the established church. Martin Luther was not an easy man, nor was he one to mince words; but he brought about major change. Professor Roper only goes slightly off track when she examines both Luther’s enemies and friends in depth; it feels like it just gets a little long-winded during those times.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 576 pages
Publisher Random House
Publish Date 2017-Mar-14
ISBN 9780812996197 Buy this Book
Issue May 2017
Category History


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