Marijuana Withdrawal After 40 Years: Sixty Days of a Withdrawal Odyssey

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Grass, pot, cannabis, dope, hash, ganja, herb, maryjane, reefer. Whatever you call marijuana, it’s a hot topic, with government arguing over it, shops popping up like mushrooms, and people flocking for their license. With all the controversy about the pros and cons of smoking the herb, what happens when someone stops smoking… after forty years? This is what Leo Sielsch wanted to find out. Thus his sixty-day hiatus from his daily date with the pipe. In Marijuana Withdrawal After 40 Years, he offers answers to some commonly asked questions regarding pot: Does withdrawal hurt? Is marijuana a “gateway drug” to other drugs? Does marijuana affect memory? How does it affect restless leg syndrome? How does joy change? How does s-e-x change? Where does alcohol fit in? …and an array of other questions and concerns, all concerning that great consternation to the law-makers, otherwise known as marijuana.

The book is arranged in chapters one through sixty, each day covering a topic related to marijuana or its withdrawal or legal status. Each day meditates upon a specific topic, or interrelated topics, all answering the ultimate questions: can he go sixty days without the ganja? What are the effects? And why prohibit marijuana usage?

Sielsch is an engaging writer with a keen attention to the issues surrounding the use of marijuana. His thoughtful style and round-about arguments give the book a laid-back approach to a topic often taken too seriously, but does so in a way that lends a level of honesty and credibility. Overall, the book is for those who enjoy watching the arc of human experience unfold as someone attempts to conquer a difficult task–in this case, giving up maryjane for sixty days–and are interested in the marijuana argument.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 185 pages
Publisher Book Publishers Network
Publish Date 18-May-2011
ISBN 9781935359784 Buy this Book
Issue November 2011
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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