Man-Corn in the Promised Land

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Man-Corn in the Promised Landopens with a startling and unnerving quote “you must first learn the wisdom of the stomach and not digest yourself,” which sets the reader on a crazed frenzy for the following pages to come. With a mythical, outlandish quality, the poems and prose selections in the book delineate very tragic ends to a grim and elliptical means of narration. There is this constant dread, waiting for the other shoe to drop in these page turners, where “the predator longs for the prey/ as the prey longs for the predator” in tales of cannibalism, fate and wildness, policy, warfare, and the overall decay of human condition (Gustave Speaks); the irony embedded in the title of a “promised land” is spun outrageously on its head as every select piece in the book portrays an otherwise, spiraling out of control backdrop filled with massive horror and corruption: “as we look down from the attic window/ like griffin vultures/ waiting for…the kill” (A Plague of Lions) and as “The kids like ripened fruit/ Are falling from the trees” (Good Friday on the Rez). Though there are many interesting and unusual moments, the reader grows tired and restless in one instance after another with the overload and overkill of fatalistic stimuli.

Man-Corn in the Promised Landis entirely satirical, especially resounding with political banter: “made illegal by some cosmic super-state/ bureaucracy…you will seek death but not find it” (Eternal Universe?). Looming with bizarre renditions, essentially in the micro fiction, the tales of self destruction and degeneracy are very heavy handed and every so often, pointless. Through all the outlines of outrageous and perverse sketches, there are really small windows of insightful lines like “your scattered atoms/ back together to remake your exact body” (Eternal Universe?) and “You’re only happy/ because you live/ in your own world” (So What World Am I Supposed to Live in?). Chairman Wow’s raw and visceral depiction of Man-Corn in the Promised Landis a “terra incognita” we never want to know firsthand or want to admit even knowing exists in some shape or form, literally or figuratively.

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Star Count 2.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 158 pages
Publisher Wolf-Wise Press
Publish Date 12-Jul-2013
ISBN 9780964074705 Buy this Book
Issue December 2013
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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