Magic in Mauve

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Monique is about to be married, though that “about to be” is rather questionable. Zorina is a princess from the Middle East, trapped by tradition and expectations. Alison is an Irish fashion designer about to make her way to Paris and hopefully her big break. Holly is a nurse and is optimistic about interviewing for a new job. All four of these women are connected not only by their dreams for their future, but also by a mauve skirt that passes through their lives, disappearing as easily as it first arrived.

The skirt’s journey begins with Monique, who is putting the finishing touches on it as the book begins. Her eagerness about it and her upcoming wedding is endearing, though it is dashed when her fiancé calls and tells her the wedding will have to be postponed. Something’s come up with his job, and business must come before pleasure. Angry and heartbroken, Monique donates the skirt to Goodwill, expecting never to see it again. It soon winds up in the hands of Don Thompson, Holly’s husband, who thinks it would be perfect for his wife. Through a strange bit of luck, Holly just happens to be acquainted with a family friend of Monique’s. The skirt’s journey — and the ensuing coincidences — don’t stop there, and the bit of mauve fabric travels across the world, touching the lives of multiple women on the way.

Magic in Mauve has arrived just in time for summer, when we all want something lighthearted we can read, whether it’s on a beach or wherever we can steal a few minutes of spare time. The book is an absolute breeze to read, full of light and inspiration. While I wished as I read it that the author could have gone more in-depth with both the characters and the plot, a story like this should move quickly, and it certainly does. Though the author bounces between multiple points of view in the various storylines, I never once felt bogged down in unnecessary details or backstory. The author doesn’t waste any words, nor does she tell more than must be told.

With the various weightier books I’ve found myself reading lately, Magic in Mauve comes as a refreshing change of pace. It felt good to be reminded that there is a bit of ordinary magic in the world; we need only look for it and help to pass it on to those who might need it once it has come to us. I recommend this book to any woman, young or old.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 153 pages
Publisher Covenant Books, Inc
Publish Date 2019-05-30
ISBN 9781643008660 Buy this Book
Issue May 2019
Category Romance


  1. Jess

    Nonna Gerikh’s Magic in Mauve expertly weaves together the stories of three women trying to balance the demands of everyday life with their desires to find lasting and meaningful love. The novel begins with the story of Monique, a young woman preparing for her upcoming wedding. She crafts the perfect skirt for her honeymoon: a magical masterpiece in mauve. This enchanted skirt sets in motion a series of events that changes the course of her life, and the lives of two strangers, forever. The novel continues with the stories of Zorina, a princess tangled in a forbidden romance, and Alison, a Parisian fashion designer juggling unrequited love, a successful career, and deep loneliness. The richly developed characters and suspenseful plot left me turning page-after-page, eager for more. This nuanced and expertly narrated novel deserves a place on everyone’s summer reading list. Highly recommended!

  2. Joy

    Magic in Mauve was a gift for Christmas from my Dad. I read it in one day – couldn’t stop. Perfect read that makes you believe in Magic. Nonna Gerikh tells the remarkable story where serendipity and a little bit of luck can change your life forever. I love author’s concise writing style, the vivid description and unexpected, pretty satisfactory ending. Should be a great movie, but for now I will enjoy reading it again. This one is perfect for my romance collection.

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