Maggie’s Ruse

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Maggie’s Ruse follows a set of identical twins who are really only identical on the outside. Maggie and Marta are two gorgeous girls growing up in New York City. With three other siblings, they had often taken care of each other while their mother tended to the other siblings. The closeness they share, not just in proximity, but also in brainwaves, is well represented in the book as italicized font, which demonstrates how the sisters do not even need to be in the same city to communicate with one another. The author wrote these parts with a subtly that I felt was just the right amount to be special and not ghostly or creepy in any way. One day, Maggie decides to trick Marta’s friend and man-crush, Josh. She starts acting like Marta, knowing that Josh does not know that Marta has a twin. They end up kissing and the relationship between Marta and Maggie starts to unravel into a bitter, jealous war of the sisters. Maggie, an artist, has always been the spontaneous sister who often does not think before she acts. Marta, an actress, is very calculated in her ways and Maggie’s behavior often irritates her. They each have their little quirks. Maggie has a mean streak and Marta loves the thrill of stealing things. Both sisters do not need to work to make money because they are heavily subsidized by their mother and her new wealthy husband, Chip. Reading this book, I felt like neither sister had any purpose in their lives, or rather, neither had found her calling. Maggie moves numerous times and Marta wants to act, but throughout the book, Marta only goes to one audition.

Maggie’s Ruse is centered mainly around Maggie and her frivolous ways. Both she and Marta are very fun characters. I also loved the interaction between Maggie and her gay friend, Kyle. I wish there had been more scenes with Kyle as he was the life of the party in all the parts that he appeared in. The character of Josh was likable at the beginning of the book, however, he became annoying and needy. I felt the ending could have been better with more emphasis on the significant changes in the twins’ lives. It seemed to have stopped rather abruptly. Overall, this book was a sweet story about love, sisterhood, and difficult relationships; a great beach read!

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count
Publisher Unsolicited Press
Publish Date 2019-10-01
ISBN 9781947021907 Buy this Book
Issue August 2019
Category Modern Literature


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