Mack Hammeker: Colorado Bound

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After an adventure-filled life that culminated in a death that still haunts him, Mack moves to Missouri. Twenty years later, during the 1860s, Mack Hammeker settles into a difficult but stable life. His family farm struggles but stays afloat, and his children are growing into strong individuals. That is until tragedy strikes, leaving Mack suddenly without a wife and with a hungry family and a dying farm. Opportunity strikes, and Mack pulls up stakes and takes his family west to give everyone a clean start as ranchers. Along the way, the Hammeker clan makes friends and enemies, including a winsome school teacher, a clan of local Arapaho, and a sinister outlaw.

Mack Hammeker: Colorado Bound paints a portrait of a man driven to protect his family, his land, and his honor. Featuring both historical fact and engaging fiction, Mack’s tale is a joy to follow. Mack endures fights with his children, tornadoes and floods, gun fights, and even a blossoming romance. All of which flows in a nice steady pace that evokes the feeling of a beloved television western, both in terms of its episodic nature and straightforward story telling about hard working men and family-orientated goals. The most engaging part is rooting for Mack as life continues to test his moral code. Forced time and time again into a heroic role, Mack struggles to do the right thing without compromising his morals or putting innocents in danger. After he shoots an innocent man pulling a gun, Mack doubts himself. Every day finds Mack waking up and putting his troubled past to the side to keep his family on the right path at whatever cost–even when that cost pits him against the ruthless Jack Slade and his band of outlaws. Mack Hammeker: Colorado Bound feels like a book that should be savored and enjoyed over a lazy weekend. It’s inviting, well-written, and engaging. Fans of westerns and any readers who enjoy a good story should pick up Mack Hammeker: Colorado Bound as soon as possible.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 340 pages
Publisher Dog Ear Publishing
Publish Date 2016-Aug-23
ISBN 9781457548871 Buy this Book
Issue January 2017
Category Historical Fiction


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