Love for Rent

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Molly has been dancing at the Kit Kat Club for many years and she knows the ropes. She knows how to make the most money from her job while paying the least back to the club. She knows when to meet men outside of the club, and when doing so could get her into trouble. She loves being admired for her body, and she loves the freedom of life as a dancer. But what Molly is completely unprepared for is the day that Jonathan walks into the club. Molly and Jonathan are drawn to one another, and their mutual attraction leads to a tumultuous period in both of their lives, full of intense love, wild jealousy, plenty of sex, and an equal amount of fighting.

Love for Rent tells an interesting story of a romance between an exotic dancer and a college professor. The story spans the many years of Molly & Jonathan’s on-again,-off-again relationship, sometimes traversed with a dizzying speed. When the two are in love, it is sweet and sensual. When they are fighting, it’s absolutely brutal.

To be honest, neither of the main characters are particularly likable. Jonathan is flaky and unreliable, and he broke up his family on what seems like a whim. Molly is frighteningly jealous, starting vicious fights over seemingly inconsequential things; she’s also a huge hypocrite, angry with her lover for being unfaithful even as she accepts money from clients for sex. Much of the story feels rushed, and readers will find themselves wishing that the author had lingered over some sections. Despite this, Love for Rent has great potential, if only the author would put a little more time into developing other, more positive aspects of Molly’s personality, drawing the story out a little, and applying some basic editorial work.

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Star Count 3/5
Format eBook
Page Count 233 pages
Publish Date 25-Jan-2016
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Issue December 2015
Category Relationships & Sex


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