Lord Holt Takes a Bride (The Mating Habits of Scoundrels)

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Lord Asher Holt awakens in a carriage with a young woman in a fantastical confection of a wedding dress, who seems to be under the impression that not only is he the cousin of someone named Jane but also that this meeting between the two of them was prearranged. As he tries to gather his wits, he realizes that the young lady who has all but commandeered his carriage is none other than Miss Winnifred Humphries, the woman he had set out intending to kidnap.

Mere days earlier, Winnifred’s friends were attempting to convince her to run away from her wedding to a man who has no particular affection for her (and, at times, looks at her with outright disdain) but who is interested in her particularly large dowry. She held firm against them, determined to do her duty as a woman, even as she looked forward to the day with growing dread. Jane, a rather reckless woman whose activities include writing primers on courtship with information women don’t yet know and occasionally capturing noblemen to ask them questions polite society won’t allow, promises to have her cousin waiting outside the church in case Winnifred should change her mind.

Naturally, she does, bringing our hero and heroine together. The rest of the novel is a delightfully chaotic carriage ride (sometimes literally so) as Asher and Winnifred try to determine just what they ought to do with one another. Whoever has absconded with the other, one thing is clear: they can’t just stay together, no matter how much they might feel compelled to do so. It would be downright scandalous, and we certainly can’t have that.

I went into this book expecting a fun, rather silly romp with plenty of stolen kisses and maybe a lighthearted kidnapping or two. (You know, all in good fun.) What I did not expect was multiple kidnappings, thwarted dreams, or a touching subplot that very nearly had me tearing up from happiness. I certainly didn’t expect a plus-sized heroine. Don’t let the cover fool you; Winnifred is plump, much to the pleasure of Asher and to the chagrin of her mother. After so many novels starring willowy heroines, it was pleasant to find one who has a different body type, one which affects her state of mind. Winnifred is plump and freckled, with flyaway hair, and she is just as lovable as our bad boy with a surprising heart.

Lord Holt Takes a Bride is the first in a trilogy, and I very much look forward to the others, especially if they star Winnifred’s rather more daring friends.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Avon
Publish Date 2020-03-31
ISBN 9780062976598
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Issue April 2020
Category Romance


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