Lord and Lady Bunny–Almost Royalty!

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It’s summer on Hornby Island. Flo and Mildred (real names Harry and Denise, but hippies often change their names) wish they could take a vacation but only have $6.27. Their daughter, Madeline, earns little in her waitressing job and is trying to save for college. Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Bunny argue over ideas for another book Mrs. Bunny plans to publish. Her first book had done quite well. Mrs. Bunny decides she wants to be queen, and they need to go to England if that can happen. Their friend Mrs. Treaclebunny also decides to go. Meanwhile, Flo and Mildred find out they have inherited a sweet shoppe from distant relatives in England, and they rent out their land to campers and take a job with their marimba band on a cruise ship to get to England. Madeline and her friend Katherine decide to go along.

This is a bit odd for a children’s book since there really aren’t any children in it. Madeline and Katherine are teenagers looking toward college and the rest of the characters are adults, whether human or anthropomorphized bunnies. Their problems are rather adult problems, and some of their actions are decidedly adult actions.

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Star Count 3.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Schwartz & Wade
Publish Date 2014-Feb-11
ISBN 9780307980656
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Issue February 2014
Category Tweens


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