Lock Up: The Secrets of Mylin – Book III

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Mylin is a young woman staring into the abyss. She is currently incarcerated after shooting her brother to death. She was not truly free even when not behind bars. She was used as bait, a courtesan to entertain and entrap lustful gentlemen at the behest of her Father. Her freedom was in her music, playing her viola. Now as she ponders an uncertain future, she plays every meaningful note in her mind. However, her circumstances are about to change.

Detectives Qigiq and Kandy Dreeson are still reeling from the effects of their previous case. They had apprehended Mylin after she killed her brother. The damage wrought by Mylin’s brother was devastating, but they couldn’t let Mylin walk. They are approached by an FBI agent who needs their assistance. National Security is at risk, and Mylin is pivotal in getting access to the information. Mylin doesn’t trust many people, especially as her family ties have proven abusive, but she does view Qigiq and Kandy favorably.

Mylin’s family has been decimated over the years, but her Uncle Gan is still around and is running the powerful syndicate. Mylin will listen to him but also knows the behavior of which he is capable. The FBI wants Mylin to get back into the inner circle of her family, while Uncle Gan wants her to resume her dual role of musician/courtesan. He also wants Mylin to retain her loyalty above all else to the family business, even if it means committing suicide to avoid giving anyone up.

A plan is hatched to ensure Mylin’s reintegration into the world. However, there are sinister forces with eyes everywhere watching the moves of law enforcement. Qigiq and Kandy are crafty, yet their opponents are equal, especially with modern technology. Mylin soon vanishes into the night, but old friends Joe and Jill aid the Detectives in attempting to locate Mylin. As the days pass, the possibility of a cataclysmic event grows too close for comfort. The good guys will need to pull out all the stops.

Lock Up is the third installment in Joe Klingler’s The Secrets of Mylin series which gets incrementally better as it progresses. The personal magnetism of Mylin drives the actions of characters and pulls equally at the reader. The Detective duo of Qigiq and Dreeson prove fun to follow, their chemistry apparent from inception. The story moves along with an almost rhythmic flow, proving more than satisfying when all is said and done. Grade-A Mystery!

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 328 pages
Publisher Cartosi LLC
Publish Date 02-Jan-2021
ISBN 9781912891245
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Issue April 2021
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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