Living Life from the Inside Out: Who You Are Matters

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Following an outside- in mentality, we give up our freedom to choose, allowing others to define us by our possessions, jobs, or other externals. When we lose one, our self worth crashes.

Chapter one shows a balance wheel, a strong visual of the areas of our lives. These include: spirituality; community service; health and fitness; relationships; recreation; finances; career and job; and personal and intellectual growth, encircling a nucleus of values. “The eight sectors represent the areas of life, which, according to most psychological researchers, philosophers, theologians, and religious leaders, are essential for a well-balanced life. The center represents values and principles…the core self.” Each chapter further helps us discover our core through redefined success, living consciously, integrity, forgiveness, courage, and love. We learn to improve gradually, choose our responses, and learn from disaster.

Many live a false self in order to fit in, but it serves to imprison us to the rules of others, causing stress. Living by our own rules is what leads to a life of integrity. When we live by our core values, we live from the inside out, and not only feel better about ourselves, but also make the world in which we live a little better. Before concluding with steps for change, Dreyfus presents a look at men and masculinity, followed by women and femininity, showing how the outside-in definition has given both a limiting view.

With examples, action plans, and stories throughout Living Life from the Inside Out offers a practical and important message to improve our lives. Dreyfus presents easily understood arguments supporting the premise that how we define who we are does matter. It is obvious that he has researched the subject matter well, but he does not bog down readers with jargon, giving them practical advice that is doable.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 143 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 03-Jan-2011
ISBN 978-1456461089 Buy this Book
Issue September 2011
Category Self-Help


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