Living For Higher Purpose: Story of a City Boy Who Survived the Vietnam War by Living for Jesus and Others

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We might be aware that the Vietnam War was officially fought between North and South Vietnam. We might know that it was a war between Communist and anti-Communist powers and that Vietnam suffered under the rule of an oppressive Communist state. Living For a Higher Purpose, however, teaches us what we do not know.

Reverend Peter G. Vu’s story teaches us the aspects of history that education misses but humanity necessitates. Living For a Higher Purpose: Story of a City Boy Who Survived the Viet Nam War by Living for Jesus and Others is an unusual story of human suffering and the consequential awakening of spiritual empowerment. It has a concise yet unforgettable history lesson told through a tumultuous narrative that follows the life of its author through his protagonist and alias, Viet, who grows up in Vietnam. This true story begins with the Vietnam War, progresses through the affliction of the resulting Communist control over Vietnam, and observes Reverend Vu’s deeply distressing (and not to mention prolonged) escape to a world that offered freedom where his home allowed none.

Although Rev. Vu’s story is notably a religious text, its narrative is simultaneously harrowing, historically factual, and auto-biographical in its relation to the author. As a result, it is applicable to any audience, whether their interest be historical, theological, political, humanistic, or ethical. It is the untold torture of the refugee and the subjugated and their immeasurable strength that we are enlightened by in this story.

However, it must be acknowledged that the subject of faith and spiritual awakenings can relate to all questions of human consciousness, and Rev. Vu’s moments of contemplation on faith and the soul raise questions that are asked by all people. His devotion to his faith, which at times presents a struggle in itself based on human malevolence, shows a strength of character and moral compass that is truly inspiring and stands as a message to empower his readers.

Rev. Vu depicts the story’s opening as an apocalyptic setting, a narrative feature that modern film and literature have familiarized us with today, so we feel connected to his story rather than the mass desensitization that we often experience when observing them through public news bulletins. The protagonist expresses himself in the vernacular and style of a young boy with an abundance of emotion, which is a narrative element that keeps the innocence and vulnerability from being overshadowed by unrelatable experience.

Ultimately, Living For a Higher Purpose is a historical narrative about human suffering and strength that you will remember more profoundly than any news broadcast or history lesson.

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Star Count 3/5
Format eBook
Page Count 210 pages
Publisher Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Publish Date 2017-Sep-14
ISBN 0978145755816 Buy this Book
Issue June 2018
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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