Little Dandelion Seeds the World

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These magnificent seeds are found on every continent on Earth, even along the shoreline of South Georgia Island in Antarctica. Their resilience is amazing, and their ability to replicate astounding. The tiny seeds scatter with the blowing wind and travel through the air and rushing waters. Some even stick to the fur of unsuspecting animals or embed themselves into textured clothing, eventually finding their way to the welcoming ground. With each head containing 40-100 seeds and not requiring fertilization, the potential for growth is great. New blossoms allow the cycle to begin afresh, spreading their magic across the globe.

Little Dandelion Seeds the World is a gorgeously illustrated and masterfully crafted picture book. It’s pages are filled with vibrant hues and life-like spreads that bring salience and life to the story. Some of the words are sprinkled in swirling, horizontal, and vertical patterns to depict the movement of dandelion seeds as they disperse. Children will love this ingenuity as well as the repetition of the text, which allows even the youngest ones to take part. With excitement they’ll chant: “Down with a root. Up with a shoot. A little dandelion blooms….” Then, they’ll plead, “Can we read it again? Please.” It’ll soon become a household favorite.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Sleeping Bear Press
Publish Date 2021-Mar-15
ISBN 9781534110533 Buy this Book
Issue March 2021
Category Children's


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