Light of the Sovereign

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It is 3 million years in the future in Nelson Sack’s science fiction novel, Light of the Sovereign. Civilization has spread across the universe on a series of planets that span across thousands of light years. Each planet has a capital city and a form of government; peace and unrest live among the citizens. All of the galaxy is ruled by Queen Alara, who is liked by some but not all and resides on Tera, formerly Earth. Ready to pass on the crown, Queen Alara has initiated the Ascension Rite and has chosen 19-year-old Sonata to take her place as Queen, should she complete these rites. An unconscious Sonata is taken to the very edge of the galaxy to the planet Tritt and left there. As she awakens, she is confused and knows nothing of being chosen by the Queen as her possible successor nor the Ascension Rite that she must pass to become Queen. She only knows she needs to get home. Along the way, she meets a myriad of people who help her and hinder her progress — perhaps the most important being the Guardian, who is essential to her success. She learns as she goes that the Guardian is the key and will give as she learns and needs as she sets off on her quest to return home to Tera. What awaits for her along her journey, as well as how she succeeds, will tell the true strength of Sonata and also what is yet to come.

Light of the Sovereign is a book that true science fiction readers will enjoy. Sack’s attention to detail of all of the characters and places throughout the novel succeed in painting a vivid story for readers but can, at times, be lengthy and a bit drawn out, hindering the pace of the novel. The storyline is solid, and the tenor of this novel makes it clear that this is the first of many in a series. If you are looking for a science fiction novel that will take you to another world with the promise of more to come, Light of the Sovereign is the novel for you.

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Star Count 3.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 812 pages
Publisher Nelson Sack
Publish Date 2016-01-22
ISBN 0000007211602 Buy this Book
Issue July 2016
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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