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Licking Fingerprints: A Collection of One-Sided Conversations

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Poetry, like art, is in the eye of the beholder. There are no rules to its form or limits to its ability of expression. Though some avoid readers may like their books to remain deeply rooted in the structural and protected reserve of fiction and nonfiction. Its many characters, arcs, and sagas serve as window-dreaming for the social norms of the day. Some look for challenges or for journeys into the far reaches of writing and creation. To those eager readers, I have a perfect book for you.

Licking Fingerprints: A Collection of One-Sided Conversations, the new book by Sarah Suhaimi, is the product of one fearless writer willing to push the boundaries of literature. It is a woman’s quest for understanding and identity, in a culture and heritage, at times, at odds with itself and of an artist willing to express the thought patterns of personal perspective and emotional change.

Each of the many poems packed in the book feels like page in the life of the author. Perfectly composed and richly detailed. Frozen visuals in a compelling life. My personal favorites in this collection are Origin, Mr. Happy, Distance, and the truly remarkable Bitter Blindness. Suhaimi has a rare gift as a poet, never looking or speaking down to the reader. Suhaimi never assumes too much and always gives up enough visuals to please the mind’s eye. This slim book is a tiny jewel of insightful observations and descriptive emotions.

I ask you to open yourself up to the passion and honesty of this fresh new voice in literature. Forget whatever simple-minded pretenses that typically come with the consumption of poetry and allow yourself to get lost in this lovely book about a home long ago, a family never too far away, and a writer looking for her place in a beautifully complex world.

Reviewed By:
Sarah Suhaimi
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Page Count:
50 pages
Dogear Publishing
Publish Date:
June 2016
Poetry & Short Stories

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June 2016

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Dogear Publishing



Page Count

50 pages

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Sarah Suhaimi



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“Licking Fingerprints: A Collection of One-Sided Conversations”


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