Liar’s Paradise

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Lex Tennessee has turned his life around. After taking the fall for grand theft auto charges, Lex has done his time, gotten out of prison, gotten a real job and a normal life, and even gotten married. Peggy is the center of his life, and when she dies unexpectedly in what appears to be a freak accident, Lex is devastated. But when he starts to look into the matter and discovers that one of the city’s most beloved superheroes may have had a hand in her death… to say that Lex wants revenge is an understatement. The Cadet may be a celebrity of sorts, but he has abused his powers and status one time too many, and Lex decides to end his career for good. With the aid of some of the Cadet’s former foes, Lex forms a plan. But will he be able to pull it off?

Steven Hartman has a decidedly unique take on the superhero genre with his novel Liar’s Paradise. With Lex, he has created an underdog of sorts, a former-convict-turned-model-citizen who is determined to take out one of the city’s most beloved superheroes. With the Cadet, he presents a darker side of the hero, a man who is willing to play the part while using his fame and abilities to get countless perks on the down-low. Some of the other characters are a bit stereotypical, to the point of being a detriment to the story; the cruel and hateful father-in-law, for example, seemed a bit over the top. The plot is fascinating, if in need of a bit of fleshing out. Some more back story on Peggy and Lex would have been welcome, and the final battle at the end could have used more depth. Overall, Liar’s Paradise was an enjoyable novel though, and readers may find themselves hoping for more from this world in the future.

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Star Count 3/5
Format eBook
Page Count 203 pages
Publisher Sparkony Entertainment
Publish Date 20-Aug-2014
ISBN Buy this Book
Issue December 2014
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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