Let Me Tell You a Story: A Memoir of a Wartime Childhood

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Imagine being six years old, with beautiful golden blonde hair, creamy white skin, and Jewish heritage during a time of unrest. Imagine what it must have felt like to be forced to move from your home and into the Ghetto, crammed tight with other families and filled with so many unanswered questions. Then, one night German soldiers take your mom and grandma away and your dad is nowhere to be found. This is the true story of Renata as told through the eyes of a young child. Scared, confused, and alone, she is shuffled between homes who offer her protection as well as a way of escape. Upon learning to read, she finds her greatest escape and form of survival to be within the pages of a book, which help her find hope in a world where she doesn’t understand why someone would want her dead because of her religion.

This is a book you only wish were fiction, but sadly this was life for millions of people during a turbulent time. It is heartbreaking, and as a mother all you want to do is reach into the book, comfort young Renata, and protect her. While a somber read, memoirs such as this are of great importance, providing insight into the parts of history that otherwise time just wants to forget. I highly recommend adding this title to your bookshelf.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 352 pages
Publisher Bloomsbury USA
Publish Date 2013-Nov-19
ISBN 9781620401491
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Issue April 2014
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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