Lemonade Revealed

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There is a very imaginative story within the pages of this little yellow book. On the island named Ahio, named as such by a group of exiles that landed there long ago. Per the island’s mythology, a young boy, who was apparently shipwrecked, washed ashore. When he regained consciousness, he found himself surrounded by three men: priest Father Rene, warrior Ahiga, and the trader named Barnett. The boy has amnesia and does not know who is here or where he comes from. Prior to this young boy’s arrival, the ruler, King Ahio IV, perished in an unfortunate boating accident when he and the entire royal family line set out to sea. Left without a successor, the well being of the island was entrusted to the trader-turned-governor Barnett with Ahiga as the Chief in Command.

Those are the two main story lines of Lemonade Revealed. The young boy starts to piece together that he was travelling to be reunited with his father when his boat was hit by an easterly storm. He alternates living with Father Rene, Ahiga, and Barnett before he decides with whom he wants to stay. When the boy befriends the village outcast, a skinhead with a tattoo of an eye on the back of his neck, he learns that it’s possible his father is living on Ahio. Thus begins his quest to figure out whether one of the three men who rescued him is his real father. Meanwhile, the three surrogate fathers are trying to rebuild the economy of the island since the passing of their king. The first step is deciding what to do with their sugar plantations. However, with internal politics and competition between the men getting in the way, which leads to the dangers of the abuse of power, their story is about finding peace and balance for what they seek as they rebuild.

I liked that the novel centered on a core group of characters, because it allowed us to get to know them well. It is a small community that was working together to build their sugar plantations, their biggest economic bargaining chip, and there is also the thread of religion that tied everyone together. I don’t think it was an overbearing theme, but religion and the existence of God was portrayed as being a constant in the mindset and morals of the islanders. I also appreciated the notion that everybody is a seeker, and looking for something while going about it in different ways.

I found Lemonade Revealed to be a well-written and engaging novel. I enjoyed reading how the young boy pieced together his story, and I thought the dynamic between all of the characters was interesting and fun to read. The novel started with the tale of the past, and I thought that stayed relevant and well connected to the story’s present timeline. It did shift perspectives here and there, but I liked how thought-provoking it was. I feel as though this is a book that has re-read value because readers will discover something new from it each time.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher Twiitaga Press
Publish Date 21-Jun-2014
ISBN 9789810767761
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Issue June 2014
Category Popular Fiction


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