Legends of Scythia: The Secret Keepers

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The land of Scythia is a mystery to most historians. Long ago, they inhabited the land in the northern part of the Black Sea. This book combines the mysteries of Scythia with Greek and Middle Eastern traditions. The plot focuses on Arcadius and his sister Terra. They are the main stars of the book, and while both have a different narrative, they both have the same destiny. There home land of Bata, in the land of Scythia, is ravaged by pirates commanded by the villainous Teomon. Terra is found and raised by the mythical Amazon warriors. Arcadius is found by an old fisherman whom adopts the boy as his own son. Arcadius becomes a man of the sea, sympathetic and kind. Their two paths come together when the hidden power of a golden book is discovered. The book is the secret to unlocking the magic power of a long forgotten society. The two siblings must discover their own power that will put a stop to Teomon’s evil plans and save the land of Scythia.

The Scythians were an actual group of people, and the story pulls from these actual myths to create new ones. The story is both familiar and unfamiliar at times. There are dwarfs, but there are also lizard queens. The book has a timeless charm that will keep readers of any age mesmerized within its pages. All the characters are great, with real personal voices, distinct motivates, and imaginative personalities. The book’s villain, Teomon, I found particularly interesting. He is the perfect foil for a book like this, both barbaric and crafty. The book’s pace is wonderful — action and excitement are skillfully written into each page. It’s a great mixture of fantasy and mythology that creates a new world for these charterers to live in and grow. I loved the world that was created and hope to venture back to the land of Scythia soon.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 258 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 22-Feb-2012
ISBN 9781467970051
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Issue August 2012
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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