Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin: Interviews and Encounters

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Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin is a compilation of interviews conducted with, and articles about, the former mega band. Unfortunately, some of the contributors did not seem to know who or what they were writing about. One comments about the song “Days of Confusion”—actually “Dazed and Confused”—while another writes about the band’s “laid-back subtlety and studied professionalism.” Led Zeppelin, subtle?

The interviews are usually interesting but not enlightening. While Jimmy Page comes across as focused and consistent, Robert Plant is all over the place. Sometimes Plant sounds intelligent and thoughtful, at other times he’s flakey and difficult to comprehend. One who seeks to understand the band’s songwriting and recordings will definitely be frustrated. There’s a lot said about Zeppelin’s influences, but few attempts at analysis.

Most frustrating of all, it’s never made clear why the group that created the heavy blues-rock genre would abandon it after just two albums. While the question is asked numerous times in these pages, it’s never properly answered. (Other than Page’s statement that he did not want people to confuse Zeppelin with Black Sabbath.)

This may well make a fine gift for Zeppelin completists. It will fall short of satisfying others.

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Star Count 2/5
Format Hard
Page Count 480 pages
Publisher Chicago Review Press
Publish Date 2014-Nov-01
ISBN 9781613747544
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Issue February 2015
Category Music & Movies


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