Leading Through Culture: How Real Leaders Create Cultures That Motivate People to Achieve Great Things

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Leadership is a trait. As equal parts infuriating and intoxicating as that sounds it’s the truth, it’s a skill that can’t be faked. You can’t talk yourself into a position of leadership and remain there without the goods. From the Presidency to the executive assistant, rhetoric will only get you so far. The door may open for an attractive personality and a few stellar anecdotes, but successful careers are forged in the crucibles of tense moments.

Even in the business world where this book is predominantly set, where charisma and personality are so essential, the discipline of the skilled leader is not a universal gift. The administrative gravitas and detailed motivator of a boardroom leader are elements that frankly divide the pack. What separates the corner office from the mailroom.

Yet as this entertaining book demonstrates leadership is an asset that can materialize with work and effort. In the book, author Ken Wilcox, former CEO of Silicon Valley Bank, openly acknowledges the ever-growing presence of Leadership and Management books flooding bookshelves. Yet, he states and masterfully succeeds in demonstrating that his book is different from the rest because its priorities are different. Vastly different and a great deal more meaningful.

It’s not about winning or getting that seat in the boardroom. The book doesn’t stop with the basic roadmap that allows the reader to achieve their goals. It’s about reaching your goals and being prepared for them, being deserving of them. That’s a harder nut to crack and a far more meaningful journey to undertake.

What is so refreshing about Ken Wilcox’s book is the open manner in which he writes – that there is never a hint of the typical superficiality that bogs down similar books. His well-defined humor and compassion are on full display and the images he conjures up are simply compelling. This is clearly not a vanity project or a cunningly constructed monument to his past. Wilcox is merely having a lively and earnest conversation with the reader. Kindly offering up pearls and challenging his audience to dig deeper.

He reminds the reader that kindness is a wonderful and desirable instrument for building up a workplace network. That winning comes from lifting up others and forming trust among colleagues. That it doesn’t have to be the stereotype of dog eat dog. That you can be human and share the process with others.

It’s a valuable book, filled to the brim with colorful anecdotes, charming insights, and masterfully assorted truths. It’s a book made for anybody wanting to climb the mountain and reach the summit in one piece.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 228 pages
Publisher Waterside Productions
Publish Date 2020-Feb-26
ISBN 9781949003352
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Issue March 2021
Category Business & Investing


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