Kyd’s Game

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Neil Kyd wanted to work his farm and leave his past in the rearview mirror. Despite the often unforgiving weather conditions in Kansas, Neil was determined to make a living and care for his gravely ill daughter. A visit from a former colleague in the CIA was the last thing Neil expected or wanted.

Paul Wexler has a pressing assignment and needs to bring Neil into the fold and out of his self-imposed exile. A highly contested presidential election is being waged in Russia and there exists confidential information that may sway the results. Neil’s previous work for the agency involved time spent in Russia and any connections he made could aid in procuring the intelligence.

Neil initially rebuffs Wexler’s entreaties, but when Wexler offers an experimental treatment for his daughter’s debilitating disease, Neil acquiesces. Neil believes his mission is cut and dry and he will be back in time for the beginning of his daughter Molly’s treatment.

Meanwhile in Russia, Major Alexi Zarefsky has been asked with foiling a domestic plot. The chief rival of the President is planning on exchanging some information with an outside party, which may damage Russia along with a variety of people. Zarefsky is told in no uncertain terms that his future depends on his success.

Upon arrival in Russia, Neil must confront his former self when he meets the intermediary for his contact, a one-time love interest. Before Neil can process this reality, a shot rings out and a body has fallen. Neil is on the run in a distant land and he has become a disposable intelligence asset. His pursuers will stop at nothing to terminate him with extreme prejudice.

The complex relationship between the United States and Russia and the spy games that often divide the great nations form the backdrop of this well-crafted thriller. Neil Kyd is reluctant to involve himself in foreign affairs, but his love for his daughter provides the impetus for his actions. Neil’s undertaking is contrasted with Zarefsky’s charge as both men are faced with do or die situations.

The story’s appeal comes from the dramatic chess game that unfolds with Kyd and Zarefsky as the two primary pieces. The enjoyment comes in Kyd’s race for answers and Zarefsky’s hunt for Kyd. Marc Rosenberg has composed a clever and absorbing book filled with more than a few surprises that will leave the reader satisfied and ready for his next work.

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Author Marc Rosenberg
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 180 pages
Publisher Vine Leaves Press
Publish Date 17-Sep-2024
ISBN 9783988320834 Buy this Book
Issue June 2024
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller