Killing History: The False Left-Right Political Spectrum and the Battle between the ‘Free Left’ and the ‘Statist Left’

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The chasm between those who inhabit the left and right philosophies of politics has never been as wide as the present time. The differences are endlessly pointed out by the media in every country where the population is divided. However, the two polar sides of the political spectrum may not have been so far apart after all. The history books over time have played a roll in papering over the left’s connections to the ideas of Fascism. The question of authoritarianism pops up when examining the reigns of Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin. Their rules were colored with favoring of the group or state good vs. individual. Progressive measures deemed for the common good would be enforced with brutal measures, carried out by the Gestapo, Cheka, or the Blackshirts. The public would be informed that austere measures would lead to a better life down the line. Nonconformity was seldom tolerated.

The leaders of budding socialist governments expressed sympathy with the discouraged masses, typically outing and chastising a scapegoat for the numerous troubles. The leaders of such movements preached sharing of wealth, and hard work over privilege, while maintaining opulent lifestyles concealed from the poverty-stricken. The principles touted by Karl Marx would be embraced and admired by Italian leader Benito Mussolini. The philosophy of Marx contained elements of antisemitism and collectivism as well as racism. All of these traits would be shared by Nazism and Communism as well.

Identity politics served a purpose of keeping the masses at war with one unfortunate group or another. A tight grasp on power was maintained in each group’s rise to the top. The evolution of each socialist towards their own totalitarian government started with a form of liberalism that would gravitate towards a locked down, government-controlled, repressive rule. Freedom of speech would be a luxury to be used at your own peril, as would many other freedoms taken for granted in this country. As time has elapsed, the underlying themes of the radical left that spurred destruction have surfaced in the United States. The hypocrisies on the left have turned what seemed well-meaning politicians into demagogues. The anti-fascist movement utilizes violence as a reactive measure to disagreeable ideas on the right. Their message has become an enigma. Politics has become more destructive, or was that always the plan?

“Killing History” is an exhaustive but driven narrative on the nature of divisive politics. What was once seen as so different now appears shockingly similar. L.K. Samuels has done his due diligence in researching a controversial topic, referencing countless works. This book is an important addition to understanding the destructive movements of the past and how they developed. A valued addition to any history collection.

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Issue October 2019
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