Kate’s Escape from the Billable Hour

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Kate Billings leads a fast-paced, busy life as a second-year attorney in a big law firm. With a huge salary and a nice home, Kate’s life should be unbelievably good; she’s even managed to lose the excess weight that made her childhood and young adulthood miserable. After spending most of the last year logging lots and lots of billable hours (and neglecting herself in every possible way), she is devastated when her annual performance review focuses instead on the amount of time spent on a charity case (too much) and her “childish” freckles; her bonus, which she was counting on to help pay down her law school debt, instead turns out to be only a smoked ham and a container of cheap concealer. After a mental breakdown, Kate ditches her job and flies to Barcelona, where she is determined to reunite with her childhood crush. It’s time to stop waiting for happiness to find her!

I don’t know what I was expecting from Kate’s Escape from the Billable Hour, but what I found was a fun, well-written read about what happens when lawyers go wild. Kate embodies the successful career woman who has it all – except happiness, that is. Her wild night after the performance review is all kinds of fun to read (especially since she faces no repercussions from most of her actions; who doesn’t dream of that?!), and her endearing and slightly creepy obsession with the foreign exchange student who once lived with her family makes for a surprisingly great story. Along the way to finding out the truth about Diego, Kate’s experiences with modeling and dating rich celebrities make for a movie-worthy adventure. This novel is a page turner for sure, and readers are certain to enjoy every minute of Kate’s “sanity break.”

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 192 pages
Publisher Bookbaby
Publish Date 12-May-2014
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Issue August 2014
Category Humor/Fiction


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