Kasmah Forma

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Kasmah Forma is a three-part fantasy novel, the characters of which are intertwined in the world of Kasmah, a world no different from our own. But what sets Kasmah apart is that the society is interconnected by core values, deviation from which can result in chaos and destruction. Each chapter is segmented into three parts: Toyo (Life), Kahli (Death), and Mulat in the center. Binding them all is a solitary figure, the Integra, who is subdivided into the Pol, Divinitas, Humanus, and Natura.

The Integra Humanus shows up unannounced at a ceremony and shows interest in one Maharaan girl who was raised on the principles of courage and care. While Integra Humanus’ interest piques the girl, her tribe considers it a blessing in disguise. In another part of Kasmah, a boy wakes up to find himself in the throes of death. He lives, but pays a hefty price. Read on to find how their lives merge in this poetic novel.

Reading Kasmah Forma is a journey into a spiritual world beautifully created by the author, which is very pleasant to read and absorb. The monologues and certain quotes get the reader thinking; the laws of Kasmah quoted at the start of each chapter. The author’s skill shows in the elaborate descriptions and prose. The only drawback is that reading drags a bit, which may bore the hasty reader. This novel is recommended for readers of all ages, and especially lovers of the fantasy and philosophy genre.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 600 pages
Publisher Omniferum
Publish Date 07-May-2015
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Issue September 2015
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


  1. Mulat Tazebew

    Currently with no time,place and conditions something is happening on the universe.The human(s) in other word human robots couldn’t recognized what is happening.The author is revealed these.

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