Kale is a Four-Letter Word

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A quirky and fun anthology, Kale is a Four-Letter Word will have you giggling like you never knew you could about a cruciferous vegetable. With additions by several different authors and culinary experts, Kale is a Four-Letter Word is one of the most imaginative and creative books I’ve read this year. Whether you love kale, hate kale, or are indifferent about kale, this book will easily spark your interest.

Kale has been the superfood on a pedestal for some time now. With its different varieties—curly, Russian red, et cetera—the recipe ideas are endless. But for some, kale is just a gritty, bitter, gross, green vegetable that leaves people running from the dinner table.

The stories in Kale is a Four-Letter Word are linked together by memos that are written back and forth between Bella Hart, General Manager of Produce Magic, LLC, and her ad exec Eric after one of her clients yells at her about how kale has slipped in the superfood standings. This sparks Eric to start a marketing campaign called “Project Resurrect and Illuminate Kale”, or P.R.I.K. These memos, inserted between disturbing stories of everything from disappearing husbands to murder by kale, keep the reader updated on what the group is doing to market kale. I have to say that some of these are really quite funny. Ideas such as kale vaping and using kale as diaper absorbent or as an anti-fungal foot treatment are all attempted and fail.

One of my favorite stories in the book had several parts. It consisted of a husband and wife in which the wife would try to get the husband to try kale in different forms. The first two times he tells her that he thinks he will have a turkey sandwich in order to get himself out of the slimy green predicament in front of him. The third time, however, they are at a guest’s house and the hostess serves soup that contains kale in it as the starter. I laughed out loud at how quickly the husband was able to come up with an excuse to not eat it. And this time, he couldn’t say he was just having the turkey sandwich instead. Kale is a Four-Letter Word is unexpectedly witty, with some fun recipes to try out (or not) included at the end. Get ready to leaf your stressful day behind with this silly, albeit engaging, book.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 146 pages
Publisher Artemesia Publishing LLC
Publish Date 2020-09-01
ISBN 9781951122096
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Issue July 2020
Category Humor/Fiction


  1. Nilde Mollica

    Chuckled all the way through this book!

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