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There are thousands of diet and fitness books on the market, and, every year, Americans spend billions of dollars on new books, products, and services promising to fulfill their weight loss dreams. We’re always looking for the magic answer, the get-fit-quick formula to lose those extra pounds. Yet obesity levels have never been higher.

Renae Da Grava is naturally thin and began writing her book Justify Thin in response to a friend’s question: “How do you stay so thin?” Justify Thin isn’t a weight loss program or a diet. Rather, it’s a lifestyle easily obtainable by anyone. There are no products to buy, supplements to take, or specific foods to eat. “Justify Thin is a structured manual that trains readers to gain control of their minds and bodies by creating a customized, dynamic program for ultimate lifelong fitness and weight management,” Da Grava writes in her introduction. She leads readers on a step-by-step journey toward the thin lifestyle, helping them justify being thin and why this is healthy, assisting them in taking control of their journey, and educating them about good and bad food choices. Da Grava’s unique four-season approach to weight loss and maintenance keeps readers on track forever, customizing their weight maintenance and helping them stay thin despite life’s changes and challenges.

I love health and fitness books, and am always looking for something new and insightful. I was a bit hesitant to read a wellness book written by an author whose claim to authority is that she’s a “real thin person with real practical wisdom.” That’s not the PhD I generally look for, nor the nutrition science background. Still, I gave Justify Thin a shot and really enjoyed Da Grava’s style. Her book is well researched, easy-to-use, fresh, and fascinating. While there’s nothing earth-shatteringly new, her advice is solid, and her approach to lifetime weight management is fantastic.

If you’re looking for some simple, yet solid, weight management advice, this is a great read. There is certainly a market for Da Grava’s no-nonsense approach to health!

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 230 pages
Publisher Justify Books
Publish Date 25-Feb-2014
ISBN 9781492144854
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Issue August 2014
Category Health, Fitness & Dieting


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