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What happens after one is framed for the biggest crime of the century? Junior, a middle-aged man living in his father’s shadow for far too long, learns the hard way when his father, mother, sister – and most of the other important people in his life – are blown up in a catastrophic disaster … and Junior is the primary suspect! Translated from the original Chiricahua Apache language it was written in (a tribe that lives in Baja, Texas – formerly known as Mexico), Junior’s journal gives facetious life to the “what if?” questions that many of us face today. What if there were a Fantasy Crime League, where criminals were given rankings and scores based on the magnitude of their crimes? What if Burger King purchased the New York Times (and Whopper sales skyrocketed!)?

Humorously published as a scholarly re-print of a book revered as an ageless classic commentary on the human condition, the story includes footnotes that casually assume a world quite different from the one we know; one footnote, for instance, clarifies for the reader: “[…T]he Heisman trophy was awarded by the New York Athletic Club to the most outstanding college football player. This award is now known as the Hamburger Helper Lite Heisman Trophy Presented by General Mills.” Tongue-in-cheek references are made to additional books and resources on the subject of all things Junior, such as one footnote that states, “Numerous scholarly articles have been written on the significance, or lack of same, regarding caps identified in ‘Junior’. A comprehensive analysis of this scholarship is located in ‘Hats Off to Junior!’ by Susan Staber.”

Mildly poking fun at the many political factions of our day and constructing farcical scenarios (the Jewish nation moving as a whole to North Dakota; Oprah Winfrey as Secretary of State), this book provides a light-hearted take on matters we often take too seriously for our own good – politics, religion, and sports!

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Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 370 pages
Publisher River Grove Books
Publish Date 06-Jul-2012
ISBN 9781938416002
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Issue January 2013
Category Humor/Fiction


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