Jesus Christ Fundamentalist Christian Slayer

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More than two thousand years ago, an alien spent some time blending in with the locals on earth while his spaceship was being repaired. Now that alien, who goes by the name of Jesus, has returned for similar reasons, but he is absolutely shocked to see what humans have turned his prior visit into. In this slightly alternate reality from our own, fundamentalist Christian Ric Mantorum has been elected president, with the not-too-bright Sara Malin at his side, and together with the financial backing of big business has turned America into a theocracy, complete with religious police and the outlaw of atheism. At first, Jesus just wants to go his own way, but when he gets involved with some of the locals, things change; before long, Jesus is ready to take down the crazies!

Jesus Christ Fundamentalist Christian Slayer is guaranteed to offend a lot of people, as author James Panetta openly acknowledges at the very beginning. With very thinly veiled references to some of the major players from recent presidential elections, this book is part mockery of some of the crazier fundamentalist Christians, part B-movie filled with guns and blood and gore. Unfortunately, while this book had the potential to be hilarious, the not-so-great dialogue and a desperate need for a copy editor cause much of it to fall flat.

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Star Count 3/5
Format eBook
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Publish Date 2014-Dec-19
ISBN 9781496084552 Buy this Book
Issue March 2015
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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