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A raid on a compound in Syria that doesn’t go exactly as planned…Notable deceased bad guys…An international terrorist and assassin standing over the bodies…Intelligence personnel dumbfounded. A cover-up begins almost immediately. The questions being asked lead to an assassination of a colonel and the prosecution of an alleged crazed gunman by New York District Attorney Butch Karp. As Karp investigates the murder, he discovers a conspiracy involving international diplomacy, corruption, and a billionaire named Wellington Constantine. Constantine is an admired philanthropist with connections to the deepest corridors of power. He is also extremely dangerous and will stop at nothing to keep his plans from unraveling. But he has a worthy adversary in Butch Karp, who has the aid of an intrepid reporter, his wife, Marlene, and an assortment of colorful characters.

Infamy is a thrilling read from the get-go. The action grabs hold and never relinquishes its grasp. The plot is engrossing, the characters well written, and the story fast moving. A great addition to the Butch Karp series. A must-read!

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher Gallery Books
Publish Date 2016-09-20
ISBN 9781476793191 Buy this Book
Issue November 2016
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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