Inconsequential Lies

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Inconsequential Lies tells the story of how in the not-so-distant-future, two characters are trying to survive and find their truth against all of the odds being stacked against them. Samuel and Jessica, two similar, but also very different characters, know there is more to their lives than they realize, or that their leader is willing to tell.

The stories in this book all have something in common: lying and the character’s use or encounter with this skill. One of the stories is of Jessica, a young woman who possesses special powers that work in her favor to allow her to keep her true feelings hidden from others. Along with Jessica is the story of Myles, a fellow peer who has developed an obsession with Jessica and is willing to risk everything for her with no thought toward himself or others. Then there’s Samuel, who has always been able to use his skills as a deceiver to get his way from others and as a means of living with his actions. Along with Samuel is his past flame, Jenny, who always thought she had what she wanted out of life, but is discovering that maybe she has only been deceiving herself all along.

This story reminds me of one that would be included in a self-help book. A recap is given at the beginning of each chapter that explains what is happening among the characters in their individual stories in terms of how honesty and lies, pride, and deception each play their roles in the character’s lives. Bohm flips the tables, and instead of this being a typical fictional story, he discusses our own lives and the major role that lies play. Not only an entertaining read but also a thinker, as Bohm also makes you contemplate your own life and how we should each seek to discover what our true motivation and intentions are for an overall happy life, as well as to cope with each situation we find ourselves encountering. So, while a lie may seem straightforward (i.e., being the act of not telling the truth), there are also variations of this definition, including the act of omitting information from others and hiding it from yourself, that is usually forgotten.

Inconsequential Lies holds a type of mystery within its pages that makes you want to keep going until you find out everything. Thankfully, Bohm has not made us have to deal with lies in his story, but instead, has provided for us a work of pure enjoyment to help enhance our lives and to grasp a better understanding of the power of lies and manipulation on ourselves and others.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 257 pages
Publisher Amazon
Publish Date 2019-06-09
ISBN 9781072932123 Buy this Book
Issue December 2019
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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