I’ll Love You Forever

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Children can go through awkward times as they grow up so fast. If a parent has ever searched for the perfect book to express their support, this is it. Like the title character in the book Little Gorrilla, which we have used in our family as a birthday tradition, this beautiful polar bear travels to and fro, but the parent is always there. Illustrator Sean Julian has done perfect pictures for their journeys. The blurb says that this book is “a beautiful celebration of the eternal bond between parent and child.” This is absolutely true.

The seasons are also celebrated, like winter, “where snowflakes melt, but my love will remain.” Again, the illustration for summer is dazzling, matching the loving expressions superbly. Even if your child is grown, this is a wonderful gift for a birthday, a distant journey, or the holidays.

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Author Owen Hart
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 26pages
Publisher Tiger Tales
Publish Date 2017-Sep-01
ISBN 9781680100709
Amazon Buy this Book
Issue September 2017
Category Children's


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