I Loved a Rogue: The Prince Catchers

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Eleanor Caulfield fell in love with a gypsy named Taliesin Wolfe, who broke her heart eleven years ago. She and her two sisters, Arabella and Ravenna, were adopted at a very young age by a vicar named Martin Caulfield, who treated them with compassion and became their beloved papa. Taliesin was his finest pupil, and he visited their home in St. Petroc regularly for lessons. Eleanor and Taliesin became friends and eventually grew to care deeply for one another. Unfortunately, circumstances forced Taliesin to leave without word, and Eleanor grew despondent of him ever returning. Finally, after eleven years, Taliesin and Eleanor cross paths again, and they are sent on a quest to discover the identity of the three sisters’ real parents, which can only be revealed if Eleanor marries a prince, according to an old prophecy. Will Eleanor be forced to marry a prince, or will she choose her heart’s desire, Taliesin, no matter the cost?
The romance simmering between Eleanor and Taliesin was the highlight of this novel! Their love is genuine and defies the boundaries of race and class. This book is a perfect blend of historical accuracy and romantic fancy! Don’t miss this one!

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Star Count 5/5
Format Mass
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Avon
Publish Date 2015-Feb-24
ISBN 9780062229854
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Issue April 2015
Category Romance


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