Hunting Rabbits

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Detective Sandra Brooks has responded to a call about an armed robbery at Walgreen’s. Brooks works for the Richmond Major Crimes Unit. The brazen crime occurred during daylight hours, but the robber was thwarted by a good Samaritan. The robber’s weapon was dropped at the crime scene, and a latent print on the gun leads to a dormant cold case. The cold case was a series of murders in Lake Matoaka, adjacent to the local university. Besides the print, the gun possesses all the makings of a black market purchase.

Chief Charlie Gates is enjoying some relaxing time at home when he receives an alarming phone call. He is jarred by the print finding, especially as one of the victims in the serial killings was his younger sister. His family was shattered by the untimely loss of his sister and the lingering mystery tugged at the family’s heartstrings. The investigation into the robbery and the actions of the good Samaritan open up some perplexing leads, ultimately leading to Camp Peary, the CIA’s chief training facility.

Gates and streetwise Detective Millares know they have their work cut out for them. The case has taken on new dimensions, as they now must pierce the walls of national security. Their attempts to obtain identifying names from a higher-up at Camp Peary are met with reluctance. The importance of these people to apprehending a suspected serial killer doesn’t move the intelligence official, so Gates and Millares need to think outside the box. Three decades is a long wait for retribution, but the deliverance of it remains paramount. The case begins to heat up as more bodies begin to drop, and nothing is what it seems.

Hunting Rabbits is a cat-and-mouse mystery interspersed with thrilling suspense written by Mark Gilleo (Out of Tupelo). The heightened tension during the pursuit of the possible suspect(s) keeps the reader focused with rapt attention throughout this well-written story. Closure is frequently stressed when attempting to find justice, and the lack of closure can prove affecting, which proves particularly true in the case of Chief Gates and his father. Their grief is a shared grief, but it also serves as a motivator to keep investigating. Gilleo has written a clever and satisfying whodunit that will please any mystery lover.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 350 pages
Publisher Self-Published via 2020 Press
Publish Date 01-Aug-2022
ISBN 97809990472 Buy this Book
Issue August 2022
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller