Human Ecology: How Nature and Culture Shape Our World

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Fredeerick Steiner is an accomplished dean of the School of Architecture at the University of Texas. He has amassed a dazzling collection of books with Earth-directed themes. With a background of city planner and landscape architecture, Steiner assembled a comprehensive voice in human ecology that deserves recognition. In How Nature and Culture Shape Our World, Steiner assembles a landscape worthy of our attention.

This book straddles the nape between nature and culture and the ecological setting that envelops our world. While the book beckons, the prose is slow, deriving little steam from the myriad of details that are woven into the text. Although the work is quite literate and comprehensive, I would say that the readers who relish all the background to the arguments that support human ecology theory, they are in for a treat. Not all feel that way, but it is a consideration to evaluate the merit of a book devoted to such a subject. Also, we find that Steiner leads us through a tangle of discoveries that underlie our nature and culture.

If you don’t mind the sidetracking and intensity of justification, then here is a book that the reader can delve into to find its depths.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher Island Press
Publish Date 16-Feb-2016
ISBN 9781610917384 Buy this Book
Issue May 2016
Category Science & Nature


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